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Welcome to BestWebsiteLinks link directory. BestWebsiteLinks’ founder Emily Walsh, Boston, MA, USA started the online business directory with a two-fold purpose. First, the link directory provides website owners with a resource platform on which to present their private and/or business website(s) within a centralized general link directory. And, second, the web directory provides a convenient reference for internet users to get the contact information they need for more quickly locating the business and professional websites they need.

What is a Web Directory?

A web directory (link directory) is a published catalog of websites. In the past, link directories typically listed names of businesses or individuals, along with their web addresses and other contact information. In today’s more competitive quality directories, a business entry provides a much more useful profile, including much significant information for web users who may be interested in what a given site is offering. Directory listings may include:

  • A hyperlink to the website, (provided in a structured list for more convenient browsing).
  • A description of the site’s contents (Although, deep links to specific pages within a website are not normally provided.)
  • Indexing of the website in searchable categories and subcategories (Websites are often included in only a few categories.)

Some web directories provide a search engine, combining searching and browsing. Search engines are quite different from web directories. Search engines are developed through the use of web crawlers, which automatically gather database entries. Whereas, most web directories are developed by human editors who manually examine, refine, and enter information for each website. Many web directories permit website owners to provide desired information about their sites, and editors review their submissions before publishing it. Once in a while we would like to highlight some of our categories, this time we would like to highlight the online gambling industry and in particular the online spielothek via deze website, like jungle Jim el dorado gameblackjack or online blackjack spelen and online casinos, like eurocasino.

BestWebsiteLinks Web Directory

Web directories can be either general in their scope, or limited to particular subjects or fields of interest. Website entries may be listed free of charge, or site owners may be required to pay for their submissions. BestWebsiteLinks is a general link directory, so we have all types of categories you can list your website in. Our reviewers will work to ensure that your website is included in as many categories as are appropriate, which will enable your site to appear in the greatest possible variety of search results.

Listing Your Website in the Directory

You can submit your website’s URL to the BestWebsiteLinks web directory free of charge. Or, to get more prominent exposure in the link directory, you can pay a small fee of $49 USD/year). If you choose to pay to have your website listed, you also get your website reviewed and listed within 24 hours. For paid submissions, BestWebsiteLinks accepts credit cards (Visa and Mastercard) and PayPal. If you prefer the free listing, it will take approximately 2 weeks for our editors to review and list your website in the link directory.

Having your business website listed in high-quality web directories is a basic component of any robust SEO campaign. Often, small business owners are aware of online link directories, but aren’t entirely clear on how many and how significant the benefits of inclusion in a digital directory are to a business.

  • Marketing — Having your site listed in a human-edited links directory ensures that your business information is search-engine-friendly. This important benefit alone makes listing in a web directory an essential for your efforts to get your business noticed online.
  • Instant searchability — Web directories are much more than just digital Yellow Pages. Your customers and prospects are saved the inconvenience of manually searching through large volumes to find your business’s products or services.
  • Quick identification of your business — Users’ search results render your listing, to identify your business as one that is highly relevant to their search criteria, and provide a link for immediate connection to your site.